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Invest in the stock market & increase the probability of earning more. We are registered members with NSE, BSE, MCX & NCDEX.

We Provide

  • Multiple segments like shares, commodities & currencies.
  • Call & trade facility.
  • Expert advice.
  • Daily stock recommendations.

How does it work?

A trading account is an account a broker provides you to transact (buy or sell) shares during market hours. When you BUY security, the money is debited from your bank account, and the shares are credited in your Demat account on T+2 days. Similarly, when you SELL your shares through a trading account, the same gets debited from your Demat account and are then sold in the market. The proceeds of this sale are credited to your bank account. Thus, to trade in the stock markets, it is mandatory to have both a Demat as well as a trading account.

Trading Applications

Leap Mobile

Our trading app helps you trade anywhere using our mobile trading app & trade across major exchanges, Create multiple watchlists, view multiple indicators, easily view your MTM, Calculate Options & Margin & much more.

Leap Web

Login & trade instantly across multiple exchanges. View most active stocks, gainers & losers, Global indices etc, easily place orders, monitor your stocks Daily Gain/Loss comfortably & use multiple charts & indicators.

Leap EXE

Download our EXE version to your laptop & execute trade at a faster rate using powerful chats & multiple indicators. Create & manage multiple watchlists, set alerts, use live scanners & much more.

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