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mutual funds

Are you looking for higher returns over a longer period? Mutual funds are the right option for you. It helps you diversify your investments, is tax-efficient & generates higher return over the longer-term.

We Provide

  • Recommend good quality funds.
  • Plan your investments based on your goals.
  • We provide a mobile app to track your portfolio in real-time.

How does it work?

When you choose to invest in mutual funds, money is collected from various investors & given to an expert, usually a mutual fund manager to invest & manage your funds by investing in multiple stocks & debt instruments. When there is a profit from the investment, the profit is divided among the investors. The value of one unit of the fund is calculated in NAV (Net asset value).

Type of funds

There are usually five types of funds. Equity mutual funds invest your money in the stock market, debt mutual funds on debt instruments, hybrid mutual funds on both equity & debt, Solution-oriented funds, based on your financial goals (retirement plans, etc.) & others like index funds on stock market indices.

Liquid Funds

Liquid funds are debt mutual funds that invest in very short term market instruments such as treasury bills, government securities, etc., which has a maturity up to 90 days. It holds the least amount of risk. If you have a lot of money unexpectedly & don’t know where to invest, liquid funds are a very good option. It has an average return of 5-7% with no lock-in period.

Mutual Funds Applications

Wealth e-office mobile

Our Mutual fund app enables you to keep track of your family’s total gain/loss, CAGR etc. Get insights of fund performances, real time updates on recent transactions, latest events & offers. Use dozens of research tools, income tax & goal planner.

Wealth e-office web

Login & view your portfolio, track your total gain/loss in real time, check your fund performances, update yourself with latest events & offers & much more.