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Company NameIssue TypeOffer PriceNSE Curr.Price()BSE Curr.Price()Issue OpenIssue Close
Achyut Healthcare Ltd. Public Issue 20--1817/03/202222/03/2022
Adani Wilmar Ltd. Public Issue 230775768.427/01/202231/01/2022
Aether Industries Ltd. Public Cum Offer...642891.6891.7524/05/202226/05/2022
Agni Green Power Ltd. Public Issue 1029.7--20/07/202222/07/2022
AGS Transact Technologies L... Public Cum Offer...17581.880.919/01/202221/01/2022
Alkosign Ltd. Public Issue 45--60.218/01/202221/01/2022
Ameya Precision Engineers L... Public Cum Offer...3449.05--25/08/202230/08/2022
Annapurna Swadisht Ltd. Public Issue 70----15/09/202219/09/2022
B-Right Realestate Ltd. Public Issue 153--13230/06/202205/07/2022
Bhatia Colour Chem Ltd. Public Issue 80--4414/03/202216/03/2022
Campus Activewear Ltd. Public Cum Offer...292578576.3526/04/202228/04/2022
Cargotrans Maritime Ltd. Public Issue 45----27/09/202229/09/2022
Concord Control Systems Ltd. Public Issue 55----27/09/202229/09/2022
Containe Technologies Ltd. Public Issue 15----20/09/202222/09/2022
Cool Caps Industries Ltd. Public Issue 38175.4--10/03/202215/03/2022
Cyber Media Research & Serv... Public Cum Offer...180----27/09/202229/09/2022
Delhivery Ltd. Public Cum Offer...487587585.911/05/202213/05/2022
Dhyaani Tile and Marblez Lt... Public Issue 51--5630/03/202204/04/2022
Dipna Pharmachem Ltd. Public Issue 38--24.9525/08/202230/08/2022
DJ Mediaprint & Logistics L... FPO - Fixed Price125--138.518/01/202220/01/2022
Dreamfolks Services Ltd. Public Cum Offer...326375.05374.524/08/202226/08/2022
Eighty Jewellers Ltd. Public Issue 41--72.0531/03/202205/04/2022
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