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52 Week High Low

( As on Sep 18, 2020)

Company Name52 Week High ()High Date52 Week Low ()Low Date
20 Microns Ltd. 42.0027/09/201919.0023/03/2020
3i Infotech Ltd. 4.1027/08/20201.1524/03/2020
3M India Ltd. 25,200.0011/02/202015,700.0025/03/2020
3P Land Holdings Ltd. 8.1022/07/20203.4001/04/2020
3rd Rock Multimedia Ltd. 64.6017/02/202064.6017/02/2020
5Paisa Capital Ltd. 465.0027/07/202090.0024/03/2020
63 Moons Technologies Ltd. 146.9524/09/201939.5525/03/2020
8K Miles Software Services Ltd. 64.6019/09/201920.6011/05/2020
A and M Jumbo Bags Ltd. 14.7018/11/20195.8522/04/2020
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