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Algo Trading

Give clear & defined instructions to computers to carry out enormous numbers of trade in splits of a second. Algo trading is all the logic & strategy that makes the money.

  • Executes based on logic rather than emotions.
  • Can track a much bigger basket of shares.
  • Auto placing of orders.
  • Timely entry and exits.
  • Much lower slippage and impact costs.

Exchanges affiliated

What we provide:


Who can use Algo-trading?

  • Mid to long term investors, who trade in large quantities.
  • Systematic traders to let program trade automatically.
  • Short term traders who can benefit from creating sufficient liquidity & automated trade execution.

How it works

  • Get an F&O certificate
  • Understand Risks & Rewards
  • Ensure broker is SEBI registered
  • Set your trading logic into our system.
  • Test run & you are good to go!