Smart Trader


Analytics driven trading platform

The ideal trading platform for trading into stocks ,currency and commodity. rapidrupee is a very intuitive and feature rich trading terminal which gives the real trading edge to you. For the first time in India we have a trading system which correlates the historical data and the current market data to show you the real opportunities. rapidrupee is meant for well informed traders and dealers. rapidrupee is a new Analytics driven trading platform meant to give traders and edge. It combines intraday and historical data and has elaborate charts and technical analysis studies..

Key Features of Rapidrupee

  • State of the art tools to perform analysis
  • Charts & Technical analysis
  • Trend Scanner
  • Live Scanner
  • Unusual Volume
  • Open Interest Analytics
  • Gross Delivery data
  • Option Strategy Tools


  • Intraday and Historical Charting

Live Scanner

How to Invoke

  • In Rapid Rupee go to Tools and then select Live Scanner
  • Uncheck the hide button
  • Select High and Low for all (i.e. day, week, two week, month etc.)
  • Select Underlying FnO Security next to NSE Tab

How to Identify Stock

  • Check the stocks which are hitting new two week high or low or stock near 52 week high or low
  • If the volume field is in blue, then it means unusual volume and stock is going up or down with unusual volume
  • Select High and Low for all (i.e. day, week, two week, month etc.)
  • Check the overall market direction and take a buy or sell call accordingly

R&S Symbol Watch

To Invoke

  • Go to Tools
  • Click on R&S Symbol Watch
  • Select Underlying FnO Scrip’s

What to See

  • See the over market direction- If positive opening go for buy and in negative opening go for sell
  • Check the scrips crossing level 2. It will be highlighted by Green or Red color in Level2 column
  • Check if volume is in Blue. It will indicate unusual volume
  • Correlate the data with Live scanner and then take a position

Trend Scanner

To Invoke- Go to Tools and Select Trend Scanner

What to See-

  • Uncheck on Hide
  • Select Crossing above prv day’s high, breached resistance level 2
  • Correlate with Live Scanner and take position accordingly. There are two tabs bullish and bearish