Net Trader

User friendly interface and the technology architecture has created an elegant fusion which not only has the rich interface with most easy navigation, it also have a robust technology ensuring quickest access, stability and uptime and live streaming quotes. Our online web platform is highly recommended for first time users as it helps the users to place their orders in a very simple and efficient manner.

Rupeeseed online web platform has been designed to ensure that you get all the information what you needed in the quickest possible manner with minimal clicks. Our web platform stands apart in terms of simplicity, rich interface and the relevant info which we provide to our clients.


Other Features

Set alert Features:

Use our Set Alerts Features. It will keep track of your positions and generate the alerts as per the conditions set by you

Unique Buy / Sell tab

Place orders through our watch list, by viewing resistance support levels and other key information which help you to place the right orders


Key Features of Rupeeseed

  • Streaming market watch

  • Streaming market watch

  • Seamless fund transfer

  • Stop loss/take profit & trailing alerts